Women's health

Women can be the most caring members of the family but can sometimes overlook their own health.

At PharmacyShopOnline we are here to support; that is why we offer a range of options such as medications, supplements and services for several routine health conditions that affect female sexual health, libido and fertility.

A women's health clinic is a medical facility that specializes in providing healthcare services tailored to the specific needs of women. Here are services that we offer :

1. Well-Woman Exams:

  • Regular check-ups and physical examinations to assess overall health.

2. Reproductive Health Services:

  • Family planning, contraception counseling, fertility assessments, and preconception care.

3. Gynecological Care:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of some gynecological issues such as menstrual pain and infections.

4. Obstetric Care:

  • Pregnancy testing

5. Sexual Health:

  • Counseling and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

6. Menopause Management:

  • Support and management of symptoms associated with menopause.

7. Breast Health Education: 

  • Demonstration and Teaching of breast awareness procedure

8. Nutritional Counseling:

  • Guidance on nutrition and lifestyle choices for women's health.

9. Mental Health:

  • Support for mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and postpartum depression.

10. Urogynecology Services:

  • Supply of urinary incontinence products and pelvic floor exercising devises.

11. Preventive Care:

  • Vaccinations, screenings, and advice on preventive measures to maintain good health.

Our Women's health clinics provide a safe and supportive environment where women can discuss their health concerns openly with our female pharmacist. 

Regular check-ups and screenings are crucial for maintaining women's health at different stages of life.

Call or text us on 07721 945 579 for a Face to Face or Telephone appointment on Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm.

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