Health checks

We stock a wide range of tests that identify specific conditions, illnesses and diseases. Our Home Rapid Tests will give you health insights before you need to go to your GP. Our in house Pharmacist Prescriber is available to help interprete your results and offer you any treatment available within their scope of practice.


     • CHECK – UP

  • 1. Allergy IgE  - for Allergic reactions like itching, watery eyes and skin redness
    2. Iron FER – To detect Iron deficiency.
    3. Kidney Albumin – To detect kidney disease.
    4. Prostate PSA – for prostrate health
    5. Vitamin D – for vitamin D deficiency

    DRUG – USE

  • A urine drug test to detect Amphetamine, Cocaine, Methadone, Marijuana, & Methamphetamine


  • 1. Celiac – for detection of celiac disease
    2. Helicobacter Pylori – for patients suffering with heartburn and stomach pain.
    3. Helicobacter Pylori Antigen – for patients suffering with heartburn and stomach pain.
    4. Bowel FOB – to detect blood in stool from diseases like diverticulitis.


  • 1. C-Reactive Protein – for the detection of inflammatory diseases and infections
    2. HIV – to detect HIV disease.
    3. Strep A – for sore throat due to strep infection
    4. Tetanus – to determine if the body still has immunity against tetanus toxin.
    5. Urinary Tract Infection – to detect infection in the urinary tract.
    6. Vaginal PH – to detect infection in the vaginal tract.

  • 1. Menopause FSH – for women over the age of 45 years.
    2. Ovulation LH – for women who wants to get pregnant.
    3. Sperm Count – for men who want to know their sperm count

If you would like to learn more about our Healthcheck and Screening service, please use our Contact Us page, or call us on 07721 945 579.

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